Psychotherapy Counselling and Hypnotherapy
with Wim Kijne

Way of working

psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Wim Kijne In the therapy sessions an emphasis lies on processing emotions and feelings. I like to work with people who like to take responsibility for their own personal growth and who are willing to work on it outside of the sessions. In that way persoal growth can happen fast.

Hypnotherapy techniques are used in combination with mindfulness techniques, bodywork, light breathwork, trauma release techniques and attention for the spiritual where needed.

I studied hypnotherapy at: "Academie Hypnos". In the Netherlands. I also did the NLP practioner training there. In the beginning of 2013 I did the 'BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Release®' training with Giten Tonkev in India.

I studied psychology for a few years at the VU university in Amsterdam.

Next to that I did a lot of personal growth work like, tantric, yoga, massage, bodywork, intuitive development, therapeutic work with ayahuasca and several kinds of healing. Al these experiences contribute to my work as a therapist. I also created a line of relaxation cd's.

In 2008 my second personal growth book was published. It's in Dutch though: Leren omgaan met emoties. My first book is on the market since 2005: Handboek voor gevoelige mensen publisher: Lezerspoort.

Handboek voor gevoelige mensen (17K) The sessions are effective for most emotional and psychological issues like: fears, panic, regular addictions, loneliness, relational problems, lack of energy, love problems, processing of loss, sexual problems, depression, burnout and stress problems, HSP, high sensitivity,

Feel free to contact me to find out if I'm a suitable therapist for you.

The costs for a session is: € 80,-- Please pay right after the session. A session takes about one hour.

Appointments and information:

Wim Kijne
mobile: 06 - 570 37770

Therapy space near Nijmegen:

Marialaan 86
6576BH Ooij

Sessions via Skype are also possible. I've given quite a few sessions that way by now.

Grotere kaart weergeven


This is what a client in the UK had to say after a dozen Skype sessions:

'I've been working with Wim for several months and I can honestly say he's had a profound impact on my wellbeing.

He's incredibly compassionate and skillful, as well as being very knowledgeable about so many important and relevant topics.

Wim has helped me process deep feelings in a way that no other therapist has ever been able to, which has been absolutely crucial for me.

Not only do I feel I make huge progress during our sessions, but he has given me specific tools to be able to continue the work I need to do on my own, and these have been invaluable.

I can't recommend Wim highly enough. He's an absolute diamond, and affordable too! 10/10'

Updated: 8th of March 2019