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Ordering the Hemi-Medi CD


x Hemi-Medi - Ocean Concert
x Hemi-Medi - Birdsong Concert,
x Hemi-Medi - River Concert, (little river without birdsong.)
x Hemi-Medi - Ru du Trô Maret, (little river with soft birdsong in the begining of the CD.)
x Hemi-Medi - la rivière le Céou, (little river with soft birdsong through the relaxing sounds of the river.)

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Groenpad 29-2
1068EC Amsterdam
The Netherlands tel. +3120-6766 055
bank acc. Postbank Amsterdam: 9 230 170
- IBAN NL48 PSTB 0009 2301 70
- BIC: PSTBNL21. (You need these codes for international bank transactions.)

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