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Welcome to the Hemi-Medi information page. Here, you will find information about the Hemi-Medi meditation and relaxation CD's. Hemi-Medi CD's for deep relaxation and meditation

What are the Hemi-Medi CD's?

The Hemi-Medi CDs will help you reach a deeper state of relaxation and/or meditation than you would, in most cases, by just relaxing or meditating by yourself. Hemi-Medi CDs are of relaxing, soft babbling brooks and, in some cases birdsong, in which special tones have been added.These tones influence your brainwaves in a way that enables you to really relax and easily reach a deep level of meditation. The Hemi-Medi CDs are ideal for creating some relaxation in your daily life. The natural and refreshing sounds of nature allow you to enjoy the CDs time and time again. Alternatively, you can choose to listen to a Hemi-Medi CD on an irregular basis, whenever you feel the need to enjoy a deep level of meditation or relaxation. Equally, the CDs can be very effective with sleeplessness. If you listen to a Hemi-Medi CD when you go to bed and when you wake up in the middle of the night, you should find that you easily fall back to sleep. Sometimes if you to listen one of the CDs when you are tired, you will also fall asleep. When the CD stops you will probably briefly wake up to remove the headphones and then drift back to sleep. Through this deeper relaxation your body really gets the opportunity to recharge its batteries. The same applies if you listen to Hemi-Medi during periods of stress - the effects on your overall health are very positive.

Special tones for relaxation and meditation?

The special tones that have been added to the CD's are called 'binaural beats'. Binaural technology is quite simple: in one ear you get to hear one tone and in the other ear the tone is slightly higher or lower. When the difference is small enough, the effect of a rhythm is created between your left and right ear and this is called the binaural beat. In reality, there is no rhythm at all, it is just the way your brain interprets the tonal difference.
Listen to a Binaural Beat demo (157 kb. so it won't take long to download)
This is a 10 second long MP3 file. In your left ear you hear a 140 Hz tone and in your right ear a tone of 142.5 Hz. Therefore, this creates a binaural beat of 2.5 Hz (2.5 beats per second). By listening to just the left and then the right-hand headphone you can hear the respective constant tones. If you listen to the CD through normal stereo speakers the binaural beat is created in the space between the speakers as opposed to directly in your head. Consequently, the effect on your brainwaves is minimised.

These types of tones have been added to the CD's but, due to the sound of the babbling brook, they are not recognisable. This allows you to become absorbed by the soothing natural sounds of streaming water without being distracted by secondary noises. By disguising the binaural beat the effect is enhanced.

Listen to 30 seconds of one of the Hemi-Medi CD's (471 kb. About 3 minuts download-time at a 56k6 connection.)
Hemi-Medi - Ocean Concert (relaxing sounds of the ocean) (587kb. Etwa 3 min. downloaden mit einem 56kb modem)
Hemi-Medi - Birdsong Concert
Hemi-Medi - River Concert (little river without birdsong.)
Hemi-Medi - Ru du Trô Maret (little river with soft birdsong in the begining of the CD.)
Hemi-Medi - la rivière le Céou (little river with soft birdsong through the relaxing sounds of the river.)
If you repeatedly listen to one of the MP3 files with headphones, you can get an impression of what the CD's sound like and the relaxing effect they can have on you. However, this is in no means a true reflection of listening to the real McCoy due to the fact that the relaxation the Hemi-Medi cd's create, is gradually built up. Additionally, the compression of the MP3 file has a slightly detrimental effect on the quality of the binaural beat.


Just listening to the binaural beat is not so great in itself. The best effect is that your brainwaves are carried along by the binaural beat. Brainwaves, just for the record, are small electric signals that are released by the brain, and different signals are created when you experience different moods. For example, the signals your brain produces when you are working are not the same as when you relax.

The direct interaction between your brainwaves and your moods means that different moods generate different brainwaves and vice-versa. In other words, by influencing your brainwaves you can actually change your mood!

This is the secret of the Hem-Medi CD's. The binaural beats on the CD's influence your brainwaves in a way that allows you to quickly relax and enter a state of meditation. Not only does your mind relax, your body does too.


The images below are from an EEG registration taken while somebody was listening to a Hemi-Medi cd (The River Concert cd). The horizontal bars reflect the different brainwaves. On the top of the chart you find the fast brainwaves (beta waves) and downwards they become slower (alpha, theta and beta waves). The slower the waves are the greater the level of relaxation. On the left side of the chart the left hemisphere (left side of the brainn) is represented. The right side of the chart shows the right hemisphere.

This EEG-image shows a review of the brainwaves during the first minute of the registration. The influence of the cd is not yet visible. However there is some evidence of relaxation due to the fact that the person is lying down with their eyes closed, and that they are intent on having a relaxing time.

The red bars represent the beta waves. These waves are connected with active thinking and concentration with regard to the outside world. In this chart they show that the thoughts of my research subject were quite active.

The little lines inside the horizontal bars represent the average values of the brainwaves. The vertical figures in the centre represent the brainwaves' frequencies. The maximum length of the bars represents the maximum strength of these specific brainwaves. Where the bars start (in the centre of the chart) shows the minimum strength of the specific brainwaves. You can see that the beta waves of 16 Hertz were stronger on the right side. This applies to both the maximum as well as the minimum value.

This image illustrates the brainwaves during the first 30 minutes of the listening session.

The green bars represent the alpha waves (relaxation and turning the attention within). In the chart you can see that they have become much stronger during this period. The beta waves of thinking (the red bars), are clearly reduced and the left and right side of the brain are more balanced (right and left side of the chart).

The theta waves have also clearly increased (the blue bars in the chart). These waves are connected with inspiration, creativity, dreams and inner images. Also the delta waves have increased (the purple bars). Delta waves are connected with deep relaxation and recovering of body and mind.

The third image shows the brainwaves during the last 30 minutes of this listening session of the Hemi-Medi River Concert cd. The beta waves are even more reduced and the theta and delta waves have increased. You can see this best by looking at the average values (the lines inside the bars).

There's more balance between both sides of the brain (the hemispheres).

These EEG charts were made with the 'Mind Surfer EEG' of the 'Mind Connection'. This EEG has extended statistical functions by which one can make reliable reviews of the changes in the brainwaves during a session.


In addition to the general benefits gained from relaxing for an hour, or half and hour, every day, you can experience a variety of healing effects if you listen to the CD's on a daily basis. The respective influence on your brainwaves can act in a revitalising way and, even though only a limited amount of scientific research has been done on how binaural beat technology affects your personal growth, the results to date are quite convincing.

According to Michael Hutchison, author of The Mega Brain, scientific research was drastically cut following an initial explosion of interest in conscience-changing techniques such as biofeedback training and binaural beat technology. The wave of interest petered out despite very promising results.

In the near future I hope to do some research myself with an EEG machine. In the meantime the testaments from a large number of people and, of course, what you experience yourself should hopefully satisfy your inquiring mind. See the links page for more information.

Some Hemi-Medi experiences

"This morning I listened to the CD for the first time. I really enjoyed it! The first half an hour gave me the feeling of being in a float tank. I was laying under clear water with a lot of air bubbles. (He was really laying on the couch!)

"The second half is a lot deeper; I went through various layer and it felt really good. From what I can remember, Hemi-Medi is one of the most effective recordings that I have, up until now, experienced." (Peter Farret)

I imagine that the water from the brook is streaming through my body, taking away all my tension, thoughts and unwanted energy. At a certain moment I just go with the flow and quietly drift to an inner source of peace and energy. After listening to the CD for half and hour I feel relaxed and refreshed." (Justin Cooper)

The different versions of the Hemi-Medi CD's

The small river that is featured on the latest version of the River Concert CD is "Le Ceou" that runs through the Black Perigord in France. The recording was made with a special set of microphones designed to create an optimal, natural sound for listening via headphones. The result is that it feels as if the running water is all around you, as if you are actually in the stream yourself. After a couple of minutes listening to the CD the water irresistibly invites you to literally go with the flow and let go of whatever thoughts are preventing you from relaxing. For the technical lovers among you, I would just like to add that I used a portable DAT recorder so that the recording is top quality for CD reproduction.

If you have listened to the sample of the River Concert you may be wondering why the sound of the river is so homogoneous or, in other words, uniform. I have deliberately created this effect to enhance the ease with which you can relax and, if you wish, start to meditate. The uniformity of the running water only invites you to go within as opposed to being distracted by a range of sounds that demand attention and recognition. The simplicity of the evolved River Concert is its strength. Consequently, I searched high and low for a suitable river that met my requirements. After making the recording, I let a friend just listen to the sound of the running water and, to my delight, he immediately started to breathe deeper which, if you are not aware, is one of the first physical signs of relaxation. At that moment I knew that once the binaural beats were added that I had a top quality product which I believed in and wanted to share with as many people as possible..

After a while I discovered that there are people who relax easier when there's birdsong also on the cd. So that's why I created the 'Birdsong Concert' CD. On this cd you'll find the naturally relaxing sounds of birdsong and a quiet stream of water cascading down a hill.

The Ru du Trô Maret CD has birdsong and the sounds of a river in the first 20 minutes. After 12 minutes the birdsong quietens down and after 20 minutes only the river sounds remain. This combination lets you enjoy the birdsong at first to help you relax.

In the 'La rivière le Céou CD' there's a subtle combination of birdsong together with the river sound. On the 'Birdsong Concert CD' the birds are louder than the brook while the river is louder than the birdsong on the 'La rivière le Céou CD'.

The Ocean Concert has the relaxing sounds of the ocean waves on a beach.

Wim Kijne 12-12-2016


Verstuur E-mail

If you have any questions or, if you would like to share your experiences with the Hemi-Medi CD's, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear your opinion. Wim@Hemi-Medi.nl

Price and how to order the CD

You can download the Hemi-Medi cd's at https://hemi-medi.bandcamp.com/ At the moment the Ocean Concert is available.I'll add more cd's later.

The CD's last 60 minutes. There are 2 tracks from approximately 30 minutes each.

Hemi-Medi cd for deep relaxation and meditation
1.descent You are invited to go with the flow of the water to reach a state of deep relaxation. In the beginning, your brainwaves are stimulated at 10 Hz (called Alpha waves). After a few minutes this goes down to 7.83 Hz, 5 Hz, (Theta waves) 4 Hz, 3.5 Hz (Delta waves) and finally 2.5 Hz (also Delta waves)
2.Deeper meditation The 2.5 Hz stays for the duration of this track allowing you to enjoy the bliss of being deeply relaxed and to explore your inner world


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