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Experiences with the Hemi-Medi cd

A message from Lucy Cotter Hemi-Medi is by far the most powerful relaxation CD I have ever used. Daily listening has provided both support and inspiration, while working on my personal growth through spiritual development and hypnotherapy. In particular it has been my solution to recent bouts of insomnia, following bereavement and family troubles. The gentle and constant sound of running water has helped to cleanse my racing mind of its thoughts, thus facilitating sleep at bed-time, or following sleep-disturbing nightmares. I have also found the first half-hour of the CD useful for "recharging the batteries" and refreshing the mind during a low energy day or hectic schedule.

A message from Justin Cooper sent to the Hemi-Medi mailing list concerning a lucid dream experience. (His earlier impression of the CD is listed on the index page). Yesterday I had a lucid dream experience while I was listening to Hemi-Medi. In the beginning it was quite scary: I felt compelled to cross a river despite the fact that there were crocodiles in the water that clearly wanted to have me for dinner. However, as I am a good swimmer I thought I would be able to make it to the other side. WRONG! At a certain moment it became clear that the crocodiles were homing in on me. Suddenly, I realised that I could pause the film, so to speak, which I did and while I continued to listen to Hemi-Medi, I found the courage to look the crocodiles straight in the eyes. They came closer and closer and at the very last moment, when I thought I was going to die, they vanished. Afterwards, it was no longer important to cross the river. I believe I just floated going with the flow. Looking back, I assume I was working through something: in the last few weeks I have been busy with Inner-Child work and, I guess, light is being shed on unpleasant experiences from my childhood. Maybe Hemi-Medi has helped me work through something that has been triggered in the last few weeks.
Below, are the experiences Mike has had with the Hemi-Medi CD. The first piece concerns the original version of the CD that was stronger than the more recent versions that I have made since March 2001. Mike also has the newest version about which he has also written - see second piece of text.

Herewith, my experience with the Hemi-Medi CD.

In the past I experimented a bit with visualisations etc. and realised that this is really something for me.

While listening to the sounds of the babbling brook I noticed the following effects. In the beginning stages I regularly drift off to conversations and things I want to say and arrange. A little disturbing, but this changes after a few minutes. Afterwards, I am aware that my ability to visualise is increased. I see a dark cloud before my inner field of vision on which I can lightly concentrate. If I then think about a rose, the cloud becomes smaller and changes to a little black ball which then turns into a rose. The colours are beautiful and as the form changes spontaneously I release my concentration. The image stays more or less 5 seconds in tact before turning back to the little black cloud. You can consciously create an endless amount of images: a car, tree, bird, mushroom and so on and so forth.

In the next phase this activity stops as you move on to a really deep tranquil state in which you can almost touch the calm, so to speak. Strangely enough, I hear all sorts of noises, in addition to Hemi-Medi, that I don't find disturbing: surf, bird and whale noises discretely reveal themselves. These sounds are not on the CD. It would appear that they have been released from part of my auditive memory. At a certain moment I feel a certain 'click' in my head. A little painful but goes away quickly. Apparently, I experience an unpleasant feeling during a transition phase of the CD. I am still looking for a way to time this that isn't disturbing.

These are my experiences until now.

P.S. Don't put the CD on automatic repeat! After 2.5 hours I discovered that I had walked in a familiar area, after which I ????????????????????????????????????. (Time well spent)

From my reaction with the previous version of Hemi-Medi you can conclude that my 'conscious' visualisation was very basic.

With the new CD my experience is very different.

Finally, 2 reactions from René Bolhuis

Congratulations Wim, the 'Filosofendal' brook was really pleasant but the new recording in the Ardennen is just great. The quality is perfect, no background noise, just the sound of beautiful streaming water.


You can really feel the relaxation and also the love and conviction with which you have made the CD. During the first half I fell asleep and in the second half I came around.... a sort of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......mmmmmmmmmm.

This afternoon I listened to Hemi_Medi again. At a certain point I became aware that I had quite a lot of feelings that, together with accompanying thoughts and images, made me fairly restless. I imagined that each thought, image and feeling could rest on a leaf and effortlessly drift away with the flowing water. Finally, with nothing left to block my relaxation, I let myself also drift off in the water, just going with the flow, which felt wonderful! Ultimately, I fell asleep and when I awoke I felt totally refreshed and full of energy.

Rene Bolhuis

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